About Us

Our Story

Inter-Join® was born out of the need to address the ongoing issues with the finish quality of newly built homes.

It all started with our own home. The finish quality was just not good enough and we knew we could do better. So we did.

Inter-Join® holds a number of patents for a concealed fixing system that is made up of individually designed components, each with a specific form and function. 

The integrity of the concealed fixing system relies on the use of all components in its complete form. 

Inter-Join® manufactures the highest quality pre-finished components that are simple and very quick to install, which now provide the highest quality finish to any new home.

Our Vision

New homes are judged by the quality of finish and Inter-Join® strives to provide the highest quality of finishes that will leave an impression. 

At Inter-Join® we believe the future of completing homes will be via the use of high quality pre-finished components, and this can only be achieved via cost effective and simple concealed fixing system.

Current manufacturers provide pre-primed materials to make it easier on site, as only final coat of paint is required for finishing. 

The current method of fixing requires penetration of the material, prohibiting the use of completely pre-finished materials. 

Essentially manufactures can only offer partly completed products, requiring final finishing to be completed on site by others. 

Inter-Join® now changes this and provides completely pre-finished materials, which are fixed via mechanical means that are part of our concealed fixing system.

Head Office Address

Inter-Join® Australia

1 Birmingham Avenue (Cnr. Christina Road)
Villawood, NSW, 2163 
Sydney, Australia

Our factory premises pre-assembles the concealed fixing components and delivers to site for immediate installation.