Reversible Hinges & Installation Components

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Reversible Hinges & Installation Components

Reversible Hinge

Inter-Join® Reversible Hinge

Our Reversible hinge only requires a simple surface fitment and the unique protruding deformation screw holes provide positive locating and distribute the load through the hinge.

Our hinges have been tested to 300,000 cycles supporting a door weight of 30kg.

Test Report

Stand-Off Plate

Inter-Join® Stand-Off Plate

Our Stand-Off Plate (or Reinforcing plate) is used together with our Reversible Hinge provide a hinge attachment that secures the hinge through the door jamb, and not into the door jamb.

The hinge attachment thus has a clamping effect with the hinge load being distributed through the Stand-Off plate, rather than individual screws.

The spacer pieces of the Stand-Off Plate have machine thread inserts that allow for removal and re-fitting of screws.

Hinged Bracket

Inter-Join® Hinged Bracket

Our Hinged Bracket has been designed to anchor to both inner and outer sides of a supporting frame of a door opening.

Hinged Brackets are attached to the rear face of the door jamb, and are anchored firstly to one side of the building frame.

The hinge mechanism swings the auxiliary leaf from an initial open position to a closed position, clasping to the opposite side of the frame to provide a significantly stronger door installation.

Window Bracket

Inter-Join® Window Bracket

The window bracket is attached to the outer face of the window reveal, and as the inner face of the window reveal is not penetrated, the window reveal can now be pre-finished.

The positioning of the window bracket is such that the offset is suited to wall lining thickness to ensure the window reveal is in line with the finished wall surface.

The elongated holes allow to slight horizontal adjustment of the window should it be required.

Lift-Off Hinge

Inter-Join® Lift-Off Hinge

Our Lift-Off hinge is made up of two flanges that are joined by a removable pin allowing the hinge to be separated and removal of a door, without the need to open the door.

Lift-Off hinges are required where a sanitary compartment is not considered large enough to allow safe removal of an unconscious occupant.